Ryan's Re/Max Realty Business Card Collection

Brief History of the Re/Max Realty Franchise Network:

In 1973, Re/Max Realty was born in Denver, Colorado to Dave and Gail Liniger.

Re/Max is an acronym for "Real Estate Maximums".

In 1975, Re/Max established its first franchise outside of Colorado USA.

In 1978, Re/Max celebrated its fifth birthday and celebrated by launching its first trademark Re/Max hot air balloon.

In 1979, Re/Max came to Canada! Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider were the two Canadians to convince Lininger to start Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada.

In 1988, Re/Max had over 20,000 Sales Associates and became the number one realty in Canada.

In 1997, Re/Max celebrated its 25th anniversary with 48,000 Sales Associates in 2,900 offices all over the world.

In 2004, Re/Max continues to grow in 38 countries and 69,825 Sales Associates.

My Interest in collecting Re/Max Realty Business Cards:

I have to admit that it was a local fellow collector in Sarnia, Ontario that collected the red, white and blue Re/Max Realty business cards before I did.

Edward J. Banik who is also a close friend and a business card trader here in Sarnia showed me many years ago his growing Re/Max Realty collection.

Ed Banik had a lot of Re/Max business cards so I thought I should sort the ones I had in my collection and compare the totals with Ed's Re/Max collection.

Once I sorted my Re/Max business cards by both Province and State, I noticed that I was missing Re/Max representation from many areas.

When I discovered how easy it is to access the addresses for any of the franchised locations I started my mailing campaigns.

The campaign consisted of a brief request to Re/Max agents mostly in North America along with a couple of my personal collector cards.

The request was simple. "May I have one or two of your business cards from each Sales associate in your office?"

Some Re/Max agents never responded but many did and still do.

A big thank you to all the Re/Max employees that have helped my collection grow.

My total Re/Max collection today consists of over 7,300 diferent Re/Max agents.

Below are my specific totals for both North America and the world.

Do I have cards from your geographic area?

Even if I do, please save any Re/Max business cards and send them to me!

Thank you.

Total Re/Max Cards to date:


Alberta (AB) 314
British Columbia (BC) 343
Manitoba (MB) 20
New Brunswick (NB) 68
Newfoundland & Labrador (NF) 35
Northwest Territories (NT) 0
Nova Scotia (NS) 66
Nunavat 0
Ontario (ON) 384
Ontario - Sarnia 70
Prince Edward Island (PE) 10
Quebec (PQ) 328
Saskatchewan (SK) 39
Yukon Territory (YT) 10

Total Canada: 1687

United States

Alabama (AL) 56
Alaska (AK) 93
Arizona (AZ) 189
Arkansas (AR) 47
California (CA) 1253
Colorado (CO) 538
Connecticut (CT) 84
Delaware (DE) 35
District of Columbia (DC) 7
Florida (FL) 669
Georgia (GA) 522
Hawaii (HI) 68
Idaho (ID) 96
Illinois (IL) 683
Indiana (IN) 163
Iowa (IA) 51
Kansas (KS) 44
Kentucky (KY) 62
Louisiana (LA) 48
Maine (ME) 46
Maryland (MD) 200
Massachusetts (MA) 90
Michigan (MI) 333
Minnesota (MN) 124
Mississippi (MS) 54
Missouri (MO) 219
Montana (MT) 70
Nebraska (NE) 28
Nevada (NV) 59
New Hampshire (NH) 184
New Jersey (NJ) 198
New Mexico (NM) 53
New York (NY) 97
North Carolina (NC) 149
North Dakota (ND) 8
Ohio (OH) 144
Oklahoma (OK) 116
Oregon (OR) 41
Pennsylvania (PA) 331
Rhode Island (RI) 118
South Carolina (SC) 70
South Dakota (SD) 23
Tenessee (TN) 106
Texas (TX) 412
Utah (UT) 39
Vermont (VT) 33
Virginia (VA) 228
Washington (WA) 184
West Virginia (WV) 19
Wisconsin (WI) 78
Wyoming (WY) 22

Total United States: 8598

Foreign & Misc

Foreign 67
Unknown and Misc 0

Total Foreign & Misc: 67

The Total : 10352


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